The story of Voice of the Shepherd begins 25 years ago when the Lord began to give Biblically-based songs to 3 people who worshipped at a small congregation in northeastern Ohio. During a two-year period of time, the Lord brought William Hallbrook, Jeff Roberts, and later Denise Rose together under the name Voice of the Shepherd. The group got its name when Messianic singer/songwriter Marty Goetz prayed with the group and prophecized to Jeff Roberts, “may you hear the voice of the shepherd”.

Voice of the Shepherd served as the opening act for Messianic musicians such as Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz and performed at several faith-based conferences. But the time was not right and the music never went anywhere. Eventually, William, Jeff, and Denise put Voice of the Shepherd behind them and got on with their lives. Family, careers, and children took center stage and the music of Voice of the Shepherd was long since forgotten. But then something surprising happened.