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Thank you for your interest in Voice of the Shepherd, a one-of-a-kind of Messianic/Christian musical group. The original Scripture-based music you are about to listen to below was given to us by the Lord as a freely given gift. It is our privilege to invite you to listen and download each individual song for free. Some of our music was recorded live in concert or live in studio more than 20 years ago so like all live music there are a few glitches here and there. Worship leaders and individuals – you are invited to sing or play any of our songs or use them in a church or worship setting. We ask only that you don’t record and sell these copyright-protected songs without our permission. Before you listen to this music, there are a few things we would like to share with you:

Jesus did not live in an English-speaking society, so His actual Name would not have been Jesus Christ (which means the Messiah). Most likely, His name would have been Yeshua which means Salvation. Therefore, in our songs we refer to Him by his Hebrew Name – Yeshua.


We believe the Bible (both the Old and New Covenants) is the inspired Word of God. This means the people who appear in the pages of the Bible were real people with real lives and real problems. Many of our songs were written from the perspective of these all too human characters. For example, John the Baptist as he meets Yeshua for the first time in Behold the Lamb of God; the agonizing decision Abraham had to make regarding his son Isaac in God Will Provide; the woman whose 12 year flow of blood left her left her isolated and outcast in the society of her day (Hem of Grace).

We have done our best to faithfully reflect the words of the Scriptures. However, our music is a poor substitute for the real thing. We encourage you to refer to the Scripture references noted and read the actual Bible passages that form the foundation of our music.